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Work Better Training and Developement

Our programs will also be developed and customised to your specific requirement. Every organization is unique. Slapping one set of presentations on another is not the solution to your training & development needs. Talk to us. Tell us your goals & objectives. And let’s plan the roadmap for the same together. 
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+91 9820809389
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Work Better Training was born out of our own experience of attending Corporate Training Workshops. There were two kinds of programs that we went through. One was the really Boring kind where it was a challenge staying awake. Where the Trainers went on and on about some theoretical concepts which frankly didn’t apply to our work lives. The other was where we just played a Bunch of games and then the trainer forced fit a message after every game which was supposed to relate to our work place. Both these approaches made training actually worse than working. We realised that neither one of these approaches worked. That Executive learning needs to happen differently. If Training is fundamental to a professional’s development and progress, why can’t it be made more interesting? Programs which are fun and yet have a real learning element to them. Where the participants actually took back something they could start implementing the next day at work. Not just nice looking presentations and entertaining trainers. Our attempt through our workshops is to help you WORK BETTER. First, we simplify stuff for you. Cut out the complicated charts, jargons, etc and keep the content rooted in reality. We’re not going to talk about stuff that most people sitting in the room think is impossible to achieve. We’re not going to paint idealistic pictures about your concern areas. We’ll help you find solutions. Explore possibilities. Think. Learn from Each Other. And while we’re there, we'll ensure that people are having fun.
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Kamat Lifestyle Pvt Ltd. 402, Ganga A, Vasant Sagar, Thakur Village, Kandivli East, Mumbai, Maharashtra.