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Embedded Systems Training: A boon for EC/EE students

After the internet bubble burst in the beginning of the 21st technological industry. Lot of industries emerged ranging from manufacturing, service industry and electronics industry. But there were some important developments in the electronic industry which was completely embedded in digital information technology. Hence the need for the professionals well versed in embedded systems gradually increased. Therefore the prevalence of the embedded systems came into existence.

In the contemporary world, embedded systems and its application find numerous applications in various industries. Hence the need for the skilled professionals in embedded systems is quite high. Therefore if you are a student from the electronics background or a professional employed in electronic industry, it is a mandatory thing to get specialized training in Embedded systems.

Embedded systems are combination of hardware and software systems with a dedicated function within a mechanical or electrical system. It is either fixed in capability or is programmable to perform a special function. Embedded systems offer a great opportunity in product development. There are lots of innovations taking place like Samsung’s “innovative room temperature control” or high end applications in mobile phones; therefore industry demands those individuals who have ability to think innovatively and act differently.

The leading international MNCs having specialization in software and hardware of embedded systems are Texas instrument, Philips, Intel, Samsung. There are lots of Indian companies such as TCS, Infosys which are developing hardware and software related to products of embedded systems.

As the days are passing by, our dependence on the embedded systems are increasing. This not only includes safety critical applications but it also includes automotives, aerospace, aircrafts, telecommunications, and most importantly the mobile communication devices. The impact of all these embedded system applications has wide-ranging impacts on the society including security concerns, privacy of the individual and many more technical concerns. The domain of embedded system training is very wide for the professionals to feel the challenges what the industry has to offer.

The future of electronics industry is highly promising, as there are lot of avenues to be explored ranging from nanotechnology to research and developments, some vital developments in artificial intelligence, defense systems and many more. Therefore the professionals who are quite interested in fulfilling their desire needs of launching themselves successfully in the electronics industry or in research and development, they should give special emphasis on getting trained in embedded systems from a reputed training company or institute and climb the ladders of success and fulfilling their career dreams.

Saturday, September 6, 2014