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PLC Scada Training: An ingredient for technological success.

In this globalised hectic world, everything from card transactions, to digital automation, is controlled by the technology called PLC and SCADA. PLC & SCADA technology came into being after the need came for the humans to control all activities manually, therefore some sort of automated equipment or tool was required to accumulate, control, analyze data and generate output. Hence PLC & Scada was born.PLC & SCADA is a form of Industrial automation used in variety of industries like manufacturing, textiles, power plants etc.

PLC is hardware industrial and digital computer control system aimed at automating the electromechanical processes. It involves monitoring of the processes involved in the input devices to generate a signal which controls the output devices. PLCs are used in industries for controlling machinery such as factory assembly lines, light fixtures. In the current scenario PLC is still an important ingredient of automotive sector.

SCADA (Supervisory control and Data Acquisition) is a software industrial control system that operates with coded signals over communications channels to control remote equipment. It is a type of Industrial Control System. It is used in the industries like telecommunication, waste and water control, energy transport, oil and gas refining.

Training in PLC & SCADA can help engineering students to gain as much knowledge as required by engineering field, and also it will help the students to apply practical concepts what they learn in their class. After attending classes from professors students think they can develop anything or they think they know everything but learning a concept and implementing the concept, both are very different things. Students must focus on the Summer Training programs as they develop students better than engineering colleges as they don’t have proper labs. Companies such as Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Siemens, and Samsung are offering jobs to those who have right technical expertise and those who have right knowledge about PLC applications, instructions and programming.

The popularity of PLC Scada is increasing and has a great scope in future. The Industrial Automation has revolutionized the automation Industry, which is bringing a lot of opportunities and career options to excel in this industry.

Therefore students or professionals from the electrical engineering background should give special emphasis on getting trained in these technologies to traverse an exciting path. The demand for the automation engineers have considerably increased with lots of scope. They can expect greater amount of salary (if well experienced) as compared to the software professionals. There are basically three benefits of PLC Scada training which includes developed skills, knowledge and good salary besides valuable experience. Therefore for an engineer PLC& Scada training is a very vital for an enlightening and fulfilling career.

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