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Summer Training

Summer time or 6 weeks of scorching heat is relaxing time for most of the students for leisure activities, but if the summer time is utilized in the form of "Summer Training" it can yield greater and productive results. Summer time is the best option to capitalize one’s passion into fruitful ventures and develop one’s skill and knowledge immensely.

There are varied number of technologies in the market for technological nerds such as .NET, PHP, JAVA, iOS , ANDROID which can be chosen according to the intellect and interest of the individuals, and specialization in any of the technology gives assurance of successful career. Some of the basic technical details of the languages are :(.NET) framework is a revolutionary platform created by Microsoft for developing applications. PHP is used as a general purpose language is a server side scripting language for web development. JAVA is a programming language which is class-based, concurrent and object-oriented based on “wora” principle. Android is an OS primarily for touch screen devices based on Linux kernel.

There are multiple training companies offering exclusive training programs and offers a very wide range of technologies ranging from AUTOCAD, Java, MATLAB, Embedded Systems, .NET, ANDROID, PHP, PLC SCADA and ethical hacking. The training companies/institutes keeps themselves upgraded to new technologies like HVAC, Arm Cortex, CNC, Arduino so that students from any specialized engineering branch can pave their path to bright career by getting trained from eminent Trainers and Instructors who have practical insights from the industry.

So from these credentials it is quite worthy for students to join these summer courses for 6 weeks or 3/6 months in view of utilizing their summer breaks productively and give them assurance of brighter career as they are in the safe hands.

The summer training will give students an added advantage in-spite of gaining knowledge, i.e. students get preference in job interviews since they are practically trained ,further they get exposure about the actual organizational culture of an environment along with various industrial projects. In addition they get exposure regarding decoding, debugging, programming, installation, administration under the invaluable guidance of industry experts and professionals. Therefore students from technical or engineering background should focus exclusively on their summer breaks to extract the fruits of different technologies and equip themselves with latest technological practices.

Hence summer training is another best opportunity to exploit the dynamics of technological world by getting access to technological languages and achieving the desired aims of being a technical entrepreneur or a professional
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