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The charm of Vocational Training


Vocational Training


The country’s productivity and growth is dependent upon the quality of the workforce employed in the manufacturing and various other industrial sectors. But due to the factors like underemployment, low education levels, high rate of dropouts and lack of proper industrial training or vocational training, can lead to the inconsistent levels of growth. Therefore in order to transform the unproductive labour to a productive workforce, the role of vocational training is really important.

vocational training is a specialized training program which prepares an individual to specialize in a particular trade, profession, and career. It is also known as career and technical education or technical and vocational education and training. Vocational training is a vital part of an individual’s career, which is designed to prepare the individuals/professionals for a specialized occupation. It is directly related to nation’s productivity and competitiveness as it’s the passion and quality dedication of the individuals that builds the nation.

There are certain short and long term benefits of vocational training for the employers, individuals or for the society. When it comes to the individuals, the short term benefits are, increased employment chances, enhanced earning levels, work satisfaction and the long term benefits are: flexibility and mobility, and a crucial lifelong learning. Similarly for the employers the short term benefits are higher productivity from well trained workforce and the cost saved from recruiting external skilled workers and the long term benefits include supply benefits and no training of the new workers which leads in less turnover.

Vocational training also has a positive impact on the society. It has both short and long term benefits. The short term benefits of vocational training on society includes saved expenses for social benefits and the long term benefits include externalities from productivity gain due to better education and due to higher productivity it also leads to the increase in the income tax from higher earnings.

Government is taking important steps in launching various vocational training programs for the unemployed youth and unskilled professionals. There are certain private companies who provide quality vocational training to the professionals. Therefore students and the professionals should focus on increasing their skills and expertise to the optimum level by getting enrolled for vocational training programs.

There is a widening gap between the supply and demand for skilled manpower in various industries, and it can only be matched if there is awareness and responsibilities among the professionals and individuals to bring out the best in them and prove their mark in the corporate world.

Saturday, September 6, 2014